10 Best Streaming Media Player 2017

Streaming Devices are quickly becoming the number one alternative to watch movies, videos and listening music, and now is an excellent time to buy one. Here I round up 10 of the best media streaming devices available on the market today. The streaming devices below are listed by price from cheapest to most expensive, all different price range to help you find a device for your particular budget. My recommendation will change over time as new products come to the market. View: What Is A Media Streaming Device??

Roku  Express

Price $29.00

The Roku Express with it’s $29.00 price tag is a great alternative for a first time buyer of a Media Streaming Device. Its has all the major apps like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and thousand more. Streamers at this price tag will stream slow from time to time and the Roku Express is no exception especially with Netflix. If you don’t mind that occasional slow streaming speed you can’t go wrong with the Express, it delivers  every great about the Roku ecosystem for a cheap price.

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The Roku Express+

Price $36.00

The Roku Express+ is for TVs with composite cable ( Red, White & Yellow), it has all the same features as the Roku Express listed above. But Express+ was built specifically for older model TV’s that don’t have HDMI connection but instead has AV connection ( Red, White & Yellow). This is great option at an affordable price with access to Roku’s best in class platform. This is a great choice for those who want to start streaming movies, music and videos on an older model TV.

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote

Price $39.00

This refurbished version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote has improved with better WiFi capabilities and now adds the ability to connect a set off Bluetooth wireless headphones to listen your music and videos from your Fire TV. If you’re an Amazon lover you’ll love the new Alexa voice capability now included on the newer Fire Sticks remote. It’s one of the least expensive streaming devices to stream thousands of videos from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and so much more. If your big fan of Amazon and want a good streaming device with voice capabilities this refurbished Fire Stick with Alexa is excellent value.

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Roku Streaming Stick

Price $49.99

The Roku Streaming Stick is one of the best and least expensive streaming devices you can buy today. Its extremely fast with a great ecosystem that offers streaming for Hulu, HBO, Netflix, Amazon and many more online services. You also have the ability to listen audio with your phones headphone jack. The Roku Streaming Stick offers more than its competitors in this similar price range. You can’t go wrong with this device.

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Roku Premiere

Price $69.00 

The Roku Premiere Is $29.00 cheaper than the Premiere+  but still delivers 4K capability streaming. You have less features than its much pricier sibling but it’s still a great device especially when compared to other devices in the same price range and it actually includes a remote and Amazon Video app. The Roku Premiere is an appealing device to add more 4K apps to your TV..

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Xiaomi Mi Box

Price From $88.00

Xiaomi is new to the streaming world with the new Xiaomi Mi box. This google powered device is a great and cheaper alternative to its more expensive rivals like the Apple TV and Roku Ultra for less than $100.00 . The Mi Box provides 4K compatible streaming and supports most major apps like Amazon, Spotify, Vudu, Sling TV, also TV Apps that require a cable subscription such as Disney Junior, CNN and Comedy Central, with support for the Kodi app. It also has a remote control with voice search capabilities.

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Roku Premiere+

Price $99.00

The Roku Premiere+ is a tad more pricier than its cheaper Roku siblings the Roku Premiere for the simple fact the Premiere Plus gives you access to more 4K HDR TV shows, better search and more apps. You also get a remote and Amazon Video app. So if you’re a 4K HDR TV owner who wants better than just Smart TV apps the Roku Premiere is for you.

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Roku Ultra

Price $117.75

Priced at over $120.00 this is more expensive than the Roku Premiere+ for a good reason it can access even more shows and movies in 4K. It has the most features of any Roku Streaming device making it the ultimate Roku device thus far on the market today. The Roku Ultra is for those 4K TV’s owners that want more.

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Apple TV (2015)

Price From $129.00

If you’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem of games, music, TV shows or own a iPhone or iPad, this updated Apple TV is what you want. Priced at over $120.00 it’s far from cheap but keep in mind that Apple TV has the most TV  apps like FX Now, Netflix and thousands more with the best remote on the market the excellent Siri search. The Apple TV delivers the most polished video experience making it one of the best entertainment devices for Apple owners. Remember that unlike its competitors the Apple TV has no dedicated apps   beyond iTunes so Amazon is not compatible..



Price $199.99

The Nvidia Shield is powerful all in one entertainment system with the ability to play games, stream videos and music making it a geeks dream machine. With a game controller and remote control included, plus excellent 4K HDR streaming capability and access to every most have apps like Amazon Video with 4K. The Nvidia Shield is for that those who want and all in one gaming and streaming  powerhouse.

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If you have any questions about these or any other streaming devices on the market please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.





George Pang


  1. I have an Amazon TV stick it works well but sometimes buffer andvis said to work better with higher internet speed, roku seems to well based on what I’ve heard even on slower internet speeds, personally I don’t like apple products, but I would buy the nvidia.

  2. Thanks for explaining the differences and similarities of the Roku Sticks .I really do think Roku is the best option when it comes to streaming !!!

  3. Roku express stick seems to be a good buy. Definitely needs to try this one

  4. Does the link go to eBay also or I will have to make an account with Amazon?

    • No Alray, the links do not go to eBay as yet, only on Amazon. And yes you have make an account on Amazon in order to purchase any products off the website. It very simple and easy to do but if you need any help with creating an account on Amazon or how to purchase let me know..

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